The British police have recently been involved in a scandal where it was admitted that many crimes were not recorded - see - mostly crimes they felt unable to solve, so they ignored and hoped their statistics would improve? This has affected me, as my local police station (Belgravia) is one of the worst offenders, so the many complaints I have made over the last fifteen years about the woman stalking, impersonating and harassing me were not recorded. I have tried hiring a lawyer, I have tried ignoring her, I have tried calling 999 and pretty much everything, but nothing has been done to protect me. In the past I have checked into a retreat to get away from her and the huge emotional upset she has caused, and this morning I have been so upset I have been vomiting. I cannot continue to live this way, and whilst taking down the Loot Busters web site is rather melodramatic, I genuinely cannot think of anything else to do to get the police to act.

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